the sentimental mama

The Cat is Out of the Bag

Woah. Okay. So you guys reeeeally want to know this secret huh? I thought I would just send a teaser out there to see who would take the bait and since sooooo many of you did, I decided to turn it into a little game… and I HAD FUN so thank you! I would tell Mitchell of all your guys’ crazy answers. And GUESS WHAT some of you got it right. There are THREE people specifically that if you smashed their answers together you would get my secret!!!


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finding the light The Sentimental Mama

Finding the Light

15 years old. Middle of the San Bernardino mountains. Makeup Artist -> My Mother. Hair -> by me. One photographer. One film SLR camera. One sheet to change behind. And too many nerves to count. I can’t recall what lead me to this photoshoot. I just remember I was the photographers babysitter. I started many of my memorable events with other folks by first being their babysitter and this was no exception. I was intrigued. She guided me on posing… how to keep my fingers closed when grasping the tree. To loosely part my mouth. To look down at the floor and slowly look at the camera. To find the light with my face.

This conversation… this day… these words… all have followed me through the years.

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Fathers Day Pictures

Father’s Day Pictures with Gentry

In addition to my previous post “A Sentimental Father’s Day” gift of the finger painted canvas from Gentry, I also took pictures a week ago of my husband and Gentry… A Daddy & Me shoot and wanted to gift him with this for Father’s Day. So hard to not show him these images before then because I loved the way they came out. Trying my hardest to capture all these precious moments because I know they will all be gone in the blink of an eye! Oh and side note… The shotgun image were totally the husbands idea ;)

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