Instagram Help

Instagram 101 – Intro

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

I don’t like my pictures.

Social Media gives me a headache.

I can’t afford to take a social media course.

I want to get more followers.

I want to grow a close following.

I want to make Mommy Friends.

I want to interact more.

I want to get more organized.

I want to learn how to get better at Instagram!

Sound like you? Maybe I can help.

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Snuggwugg Product Review

The Ultimate Toddler Meltdown Resolution | Snuggwugg Product Review

I am SO excited to get to share this product with all of you. How many Mama’s (or Daddy’s) deal with…. Crying. Rolling. Kicking. Squirming. Meltdown city when changing a diaper? Or how many of you take road trips? Road trips that may start off super smooth, but end dramatically in a truck stop in the middle of the desert due to a meltdown in the back seat. Well, my squirt is no exception. I recently found a product that not only helped me with these battles but it also helps my husband as well.

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Traveling with a toddler solo

Traveling Solo with my Toddler

If you read my previous post about becoming the Blog Ambassador for NeatCheeks, then you will know that Danielle + Julia had the opportunity of a lifetime to make it on the infamous TV show Shark Tank. They flew Gentry and I out for a quick trip to help them celebrate at their Shark Tank Viewing Party as well as having Gentry be a part of their promo video shoot. It was a whirlwind trip. Three days, two nights packed with everything Gentry. It was supposed to be packed with everything NeatCheeks but you can only imagine what it is like when you are traveling alone with a very active insanely active 17 month old. I thought it might be a little comical to describe how my trip went so I thought I would share it with you all!

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on the record - sally fazeli

On the Record with Sally Fazeli

I want to start a feature segment on my blog that will highlight some people that I find interesting, that I love, that I connect with, that I feel inspire me and those that I think my readers would also like to get to know as well. This feature segment will be called “On The Record.” There will not be a specific time that I will be posting these features. It will just come and go throughout this blog as I please. I am very selective on what I want to showcase on my blog and this is no exclusion. I hope you all will love my selections and my choices in having these lovely people sprinkle their words and images throughout my blog on occasion!

My first “on the record” feature is Sally Fazeli. She is an “insta-mama”, a fellow blogger, and a beautiful person inside and out.

One thing is for sure, I love the Mommy community online. It is my getaway from the every day snot and poopy diapers. These women And another thing is definite, I have always secretly not so secretly, wanted to live in the UK. I love their accents, how they use the word “mum”, their style… oh yeah… their style…and fast food just sounds so much nicer being called a “takeaway.” I’m quite the “royal follower.” And if its the royals that I am staying up with it is my other favorite UK family; none other than Mrs. Sally, her son Hugo and her husband Ayman. Her Instagram feed is beautiful, clean, cohesive – something I can never grasp to do with my own feed. She inspires me. I hope within this next post you will fall in love with her and her little family as well. And just wait till you get to hear what her husband thinks of her!

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Wedding Trailer Phoenix AZ

Everly Films | Wedding Trailer

I had the honor of second shooting for Jay with Everly Films a few weekends ago for Megan + T.C.’s wedding. It was a whirlwind and an amazing experience… And made me fall in love with cinematography in a whole new way. Jay shared today their wedding trailer with me and I was so ecstatic that I had to share it with you all… My hat goes off to you Jay! You did an amazing job! Hope you all enjoy!

Megan + T.C. // Phoenix, AZ from Everly Films on Vimeo.

The Sentimental Mama

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

My Secret Announcement

So most of you know by now that I am now the Blog Ambassador for NeatCheeks the first and only flavored face wipe for kidos! They had me join their team for this super special, super secret campaign to launch this super secret event another level. With the help of Meg their Marketing Coordinator, we will be insuring that everyone on the PLANET knows about this special event. But BRIANNE!! What is this secret event you speak of?!?!

Shark Tank NeatCheeks

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