spark box toys

Spark Box Toys Review

Toys. Which ones to buy? Are they safe? Are they educational? What if my son doesn’t like this toy after I just forked out money on it?

If you saw my previous post “Activities to do with your 9-12 month old“, I am constantly looking for new things to keep my son occupied. Most of these questions above go through my head every single toy purchase I make.

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Activities To Do With Your 9-12 Month Old

As a SAHM, you get into this groove. It may not ever be the groove you want, nor strive to achieve, but yet its a groove. Minutes pass, hours pass, and sooner than later your day has vaporized and you wonder, “did I make the most of TODAY with my little one?” “Did I utilize my knowledge to its fullest extent to breathe into my little ones life?” “Was today fun for him?” “Did he do anything new and exciting?” Maybe you don’t wonder these types of things, but I do!

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The first birthday countdown

The 1st Birthday Countdown

I have been sharing my bittersweet feelings of my son’s impending first birthday… that is… quickly approaching… on Instagram. I thought I could hang. I didn’t even think I’d cry. I mean I should be happy! I’ve made it through the first year! He survived the first year with brand new parents! That should be an accomplishment. But this feeling in my gut…. Where did you come from all of a sudden?

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I’m doing it – A Status Update

July 17th since my last post? My word it has been a long time. Within the past {almost} two months I have embarked on a new business venture that pretty much ate up my every ounce of “alone time” that I had absorbing all of this new information thrown at me and trying to launch this business as best as I could. In a month and a half, I achieved more than I thought I could in that short amount of time. I have high goals. MANY high goals that I am working ferociously to meet.

But this blog… I set out at the beginning of this year wanting to blog as much as possible… preferably weekly but maybe work up to daily. So this is my baby and now that I have set some solid ground with this new company I will focus on trying to blog weekly again!