Most Absorbent Eco-Friendly Diapers via The Sentimental Mama

Eco-Friendly Diaper that’s Crazy Absorbent!

Heavy wetters in the house? Not you… your little’s obviously! How about some eco-friendly Mamas? Well if you have read my previous post about my cloth diapering relationship, you will know that I am not an “all in” type of diapering Mama. Disposable or cloth… I don’t have a strong stance either way. I just go with the flow and whatever works for us and our family is what I do.

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CHD | Congenital Heart Defect | Heart Disease

Gentry’s CHD Update

Just thought I’d catch everyone up who was inquiring about Gentry’s CHD story. After posting Gentry’s CHD story, I received some amazing and wonderful support from my online Mama community; specifically Instagram Mama’s. And continued to receive support from those of you that have been with us since the very beginning. Which lead me to write this post…

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Feature | The Sentimental Mama | Sentimental Moments as a Mama

|Feature| Sentimental Moments

Today’s feature is from my friend Kristi Hays. I have known her since high school and we have maintained connection throughout these years on Facebook and Instagram. I saw her post yesterday and knew I just had to showcase this image. How do you remember your childhood as a Mama?

Kristi Hays | Feature | The Sentimental Mama

Kristi Hays with her son Tracy

“My dad used to take me on this same Ferris wheel EVERY time we went to Balboa (once a week in the summer), so being able to take my son for the first time and experiencing how much fun he had was an experience that will be one of my favorite memories for the rest of my days.”

Kristi Hays via Instagram


The Sentimental Mama

Choosing our Sons Name 2 on The Sentimental Mama

Choosing our Son’s Name

Gentry Hudson. My little energetic, social butterfly, ham of a son… I get asked about why we choose his name often so I thought I would write a little blog post about it!

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Modern Crib via

A Modern Crib for a Modern Mama | #GentSleeps

Did you see my previous post Where did Gentry’s crib go? Well as mentioned in that post, I have partnered up with Delta Children to give you my take on the Delta Children’s crib, specifically regarding their Ava Collection 3-in-1 Crib!

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